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Services and Security

Money guarantee

We endeavor to guarantee your financial security in all your online dealings. We have put in the place convenient systems of payment favorable to both clients and freelancers.

Official Skill verifying

We have put in place well structured methods of skill verification for purposes of ensuring that we only bring on board skilled and qualified freelancers. All freelancers go through a number of tests to prove their skills and only those who pass are selected. Mock tests are also available to help prepare freelancers for the real tasks.

Experience technical support

We have dedicated and round the clock technical personnel ready to offer any assistance. We are always determined to solve any technical problem in the shortest time possible.

Customer service

We give our best effort to satisfy customer. Please contact us and we will give our best effort to satisfy them.

10000+ of Skillfully person

10000 plus skillful persons around the world. The number is growing day by day. These people have taken all the responsibility to help you, so join us and explore!!

Xenren Platform was built to connect skillful freelancers to entrepreneurs’ projects. We help in verifying and selecting skilled and talented freelancers and connecting them with project developers for purposes of developing outstanding projects.